Welcome to the Small Finds blog! My name is Jessica, and I live here in Columbia, South Carolina with my husband! We recently got married in October, and are settling into the newlywed life. We love cooking together, traveling, binge watching Friends, a good Clemson football game (Go Tigers!), testing out breweries, taste testing at restaurants, and loving on all puppies until we get our own. When were not being cute newlyweds, I enjoy a good Pure Barre class, macaroons and Chai Tea lattes, any face mask product, scrolling through my favorite fashion blog for inspiration, and attempting to cook a new recipe with a glass of red wine in my hand.

It wasn’t until I became a tour guide at Clemson, did I really start to break out of my shell and stop being so shy. I think it was through this experience did I realize my love for sharing experiences with those around me. I currently work as a critical care nutrition support dietitian, which leads to an exciting and jam packed day. I have a tremendous passion for my job, and love it almost all the time. But outside of work, I really like to detach myself from the crazy things we see each day, and take in the “small finds”.

My family and friends really are the heart and soul of what I do. I love when we all get together, and just spend time over a good dessert and glass of wine talking about those inspirations in life. It’s funny to think this all started over inexpensive cheese boards and cheap wine in college. 🙂 Days are made when text come through with “have you tried this” or “I think you should go to this place”. I feel honored when they ask for help picking out an outfit, or let me know that the beauty product sample I gave them is their new favorite. From there, I decided that wouldn’t be fun if all of those inspirations and experiences could be in one place! Maybe we could reach out a little farther and expand our dessert and wine discussions with other inspiring women (and men too). So here it is! Here are all the “small finds” that inspire us each day, whether its a recipe, favorite restaurant, travel fun, fashion favorite, or a skin care essential. Here is to finding those inspirations!

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