Brain Dump: Blog Cleanse

Happy July! Can you believe we are already half way through 2018? I know I can’t, and it seems like each time I blink, we’re already in a new month. And this past month, the blog has been neglected. I think some of it has to do with busy schedules, but I’ve also been in a slump when it comes to content. To be honest, reading over the past few posts, the content is not the best and I’m not satisfied. It sounds rushed, like I am just trying to produce a post, and it’s not fair to my readers. I felt like I needed something multiple times a week, and was hurrying the night before to give you a post. I want to slow down, engage, and produce better quality.

Better photos is something I really want to focus on; not just quality, but more real and everyday stuff. 

When I started “Small Finds”, I wanted this to feel like a community. Just like in my intro post, I wanted this to seem like a conversation you and your friends were having with one another. That someone would take away something from it, and it be useful. The best complement I ever got about the blog was “how real I was”. While I have always tried to keep “it real”, I feel like I’ve shied away from it lately. I really got caught up in comparing myself to other blogs, and wanting to have the latest and greatest posts. However, in trying to do so, I became burned out and less engaged.

This is not a photo I would have every posted a year ago, but sometimes the perfectly imperfect moments are the best. Yes, my sister captured the moment a fly landed on my face. 

So, call this a “blog cleanse”. I am refocusing, and resetting my goals for the blog. Some things might look a little cleaner on the homepage, and you’re going to see less “shopping posts”. I’ll still have links throughout posts and shop my Instagram but not as the focus. I want to bring more of our day to day life; our everyday life, our married life (including raising a puppy), our recipes, travel recaps, books, podcasts, career, etc. This may mean a little less posting, but more engaged and in touch content. I want this to be real, light, and fun! I would absolutely love if you would comment or reach out on social media to let me know what you want to see more of. What have been your favorite posts? What do you want to see more or less of? What kind of content is going to enrich your life?

Starting this week, I’m resetting the goals for the rest of the year! Be on the lookout for a more personal and in touch Small Finds!



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