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I haven’t had a beauty find in a while, and thought this was the perfect time to share some of my favorite makeup products for the summer. Less is more, and that rings true in the South Carolina heat. When I’m getting ready this time of year, I want something light and provides that “summer glow”. These five products are usually all I use unless I need something dresser.

Bare Minerals Foundation Powder

I can’t use liquid foundation based on my skin type, so I usually use a mineral powder. This one is light, but also has great coverage for the red areas I sometimes have on my nose and cheeks. Plus, it doesn’t get sticky with this humidity.

NARS Blush/Highlighting Powder

I’ve recently gotten into the NARS products, and have loved them! I use the blush “organism” and the light highlighting powder together. The blush goes on the cheeks, and then I swipe the highlighter around my face and nose. The highlighting powder has a little shimmer to it for the summer glow. I like using this instead of bronzer; my skin tone is a little to light for most bronzers.

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow

This is their Pure Color collection, and I use the “sand”. This color goes with all of my outfits and is very versatile, whether I want to use it as a single color or blended with others. I have a hard time finding an eyeshadow that “lasts” all day, and Pure Color collection does just what you need it to.

Loreal Paris Extended Lash

Mascara and I don’t always have a long term relationship. I have a hard time finding one that I stick with (anybody has a favorite they want to share, I’m listening!). I found this one right before I left for vacation, and so far I’ve been impressed. It comes with a primer, and is easily removable. (Another trait I value.)

If I’m going out on the water or laying by the pool, I just use a sunscreen moisturizer. But for everyday, these are my go to’s. Less is definitely more, and I find it helps my complexion by cutting back on the number of products I use. Note this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and I only receive a small commission on each click on the product.

Do you have any favorite summer makeup essentials?!



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