Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and a great weekend ahead! With warmer weather here to stay, I’ve seen more “fitness pop up classes” by our various gyms. Whether it’s been a fundraiser, or a great opportunity to bring businesses together, I always love attending one. It allows you to meet people and give back to your community! So, for today for Friday’s Finds I thought I would share my favorites I use for  or with my workouts!

Swell Water Bottle

Hydration is key to any workout, especially with this summer heat. Do something for the environment, and get you one to take from class to work to play. You save on waste and I find myself using mine a lot more often! Swell has been my favorite so far, Phil got me one from Pure Barre, and I take it everywhere. Target has even taken on a new line from them, and have fun patterns/colors to choose from.

LuluLemon Leggings

Whether I am in Pure Barre class or on a bike, owning good athletic leggings are a must. Several years ago, I caved and started my own collection of leggings from Lululemon and just the other day I realized why so many people stand by them. Because they stand by their quality; I had several where seams were coming loose and one pair with holes in them. My friends suggested I bring them by the store, and sure enough they fixed the seams. My leggings are basically brand new. Oh, and best part, they replaced the ones with the hole in them. I got a brand new pair of leggings! I was really impressed with their customer service, and think they’re definitely worth the extra price.

Coiled Hair Ties

I found these at my local barre studio, and always have one handy now. They look like the phone cords from telephones we had as kids, but they do a great job holding your hair without the crease. Plus, they come in fun colors!

AllBirds Wool Runners

I featured these in one of my first posts, and I still love them! These are not for running or for any workout, but the casual sneaker to get you to your class and errands. I love how comfortable they are, and lightweight. They’re perfect for wearing to barre class, and then to brunch/shopping with friends. Also great for traveling!

Gym Tote

Of course you are going to need something to carry all of your essentials in, and a cute bag is essential. I have the Sweaty Betty Bag (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law), and this goes with me everywhere. Its lightweight, but holds everything I need. I also love how it has a separate compartment for my shoes!

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but I do receive a small commission for each click on products.

Fitness essentials/favorites make your workout easier and usually more fun! Whatever type of exercise you participating in, make sure it’s one you enjoy and get pleasure out of doing. I always love to work out with friends, which is why I love pop up fitness classes. It allows those who maybe don’t have a membership at your gym participate. Just remember to have fun, and enjoy it! Don’t force it! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Shopping!



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