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I can’t believe one month ago we were in New York on our mini spring vacation. This has to be one of my favorite trips I’ve taken with Phil, and we wanted to share some of things we did while there. Pack your walking shoes, and we hope you’re able to visit some of our favorite spots!



Neither of us had been to Brooklyn before, and it was a blast! We went on a Saturday, so we could attend Smorgasburg (Clink the link for my review!) Which is also on Sundays, just make sure you check the locations because they are in different spots. Take the ferry (much less expensive) if you are staying in the city, and don’t mind the walk, it’s part of the fun! After eating our way through the festival, we walked around town and fell in love with the community. We did some shopping and had fun at a biergarten, you can’t go wrong with any of the beer choices.



9/11 Memorial and Museum

This is something everyone should see, and pay their respects to. On hollowed ground, are two memorials to honor those lost. The memorial museum is open, and you’ll want to make sure you carve out a couple of hours. Be prepared, it is a humbling experience and hard as you remember everything about that day. But it has been very well done and honors the victims and their families. As you leave, you can visit the One World Trade Center/Freedom Tower, a beautiful representation of our resilience in America.



Shopping in SoHo

The last time I had been to New York, we had to skip our planned stop in SoHo. I was very excited to get to go this time around, and it didn’t disappoint. We had a fun time shopping through the different stores, and tasting fun treats along the way. Bonus, I got to stop in Kate Spade and Phil didn’t rush me this time haha.



City Parks

Would it be a New York trip without a stop in Central Park or a stroll down the Highline?! On our last full day, we put on our workout clothes and walked to Central Park. We were able to have breakfast and enjoy the new spring blooms, despite the chilly weather. I loved watching the city come alive as people exercised, played with pets, or made their way to work.


Due to the heavy winds that day, we didn’t get to spend as much time on the Highline. But with the warmer weather now here to say, it’s probably much more enjoyable! The views are spectacular and definitely a great spot for a picnic or nice stroll.


Museum of Modern Art

One day we woke up to heavy downpours, and needed something to entertain us while we waited for the weather to clear. We walked a couple of blocks to the Museum of Modern Art. This was a fun museum to walk through, and we got to see “Starry Night”. Don’t forget to visit their rotating exhibits, and make sure you check out their gift shop (Thank you Lisa for the suggestion!).



You have to see at least one show while in the city! I have always loved the music from Phantom of the Opera, and of course saw the movie. But this time I got to see it on Broadway. It was so good I didn’t want it to end! Remember, if you can’t or don’t want to see this one, there are soo many good ones to choose from to see!



If you really want to see local New York, head down to Chelsea. I loved getting to hang out around the Flat Iron Building (great photo ops), and it’s the home of Peloton! We didn’t have time for a class, but we got a chance to stop in the studio and walk around. Phil even got to meet his favorite instructor.



We packed a lot into our 4 night stay, but had an absolute blast! We will definitely be back to see more of the City and revisit some of our favorite spots. Here’s to hoping this guide helps you pick out some things to do, and check out the other two posts about our favorite places to eat! (Part 1 and Part 2)



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