We had so much fun eating our way through New York, we had to make it two posts! So for today, I am featuring our favorite brunch spot and some sweet treats we had walking through the city.


Walking around Sunday we discovered Anejo, a Mexican restaurant that has an amazing brunch deal. For $45 per person, you can drink and eat small plates all you want for up to 3 hours! If we lived in Tribeca, we’d be here every weekend! We didn’t do the deal because of plans later, but we tried the tacos and margaritas off the menu. This place was delicious and didn’t disappoint!

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

The spicy green salsa is delicious, make sure you pair it with the bacon guacamole (prepare to have bacon in my guacamole recipes)! We were unsure about the cauliflower  taco, but our waiter assured us it the best on th menu. Finally! I got Phil to try it, and we both fell in love!

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Sweet Treats

I’ve mentioned this before, but New York has a huge variety. And this works in our favor since we’re a little picky about our sweet treats.


While walking through SoHo, we came up on DO, which is a cookie dough shop. I was in heaven! We tried chocolate chip dough and sugar cookie dough. Pair with coffee, and you have the perfect treat!


My all time favorite dessert has to be macaroons, and we just happened upon Macaroon Cafe off Lexington Ave. While I wanted to try every single flavor, we settled on vanilla, coffee, and champagne tasting ones. We both paired these with cappuccinos and enjoyed people watching through downtown. Highly recommend for sweet treat break in the afternoon!

That wraps up our food finds for this trip! We had so much fun taste testing through the city and really appreciate everyone’s suggestions. Hopefully this helps you with your next New York trip!



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