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Friday Find: 5 Podcasts for Traveling

Happy Friday! We are so excited to finally be leaving for vacation tonight, it has been a crazy past few weeks and this has been much needed! So, today’s Friday Find is a quick post, but I thought I would share my top 5 podcasts I listen to, especially for traveling. I love hearing other people’s suggestions, and would love for you to leave comments on ones you like too!

1. Goal Digger

I love Jenna Kutcher, she is someone anyone can relate to, and full of knowledge. If you want someone who will be real with you, but also inspire you, this is the person to listen in on. She talks all things business and influencer related; I’ve learned about the blogging world from each episode, and how to really connect with my audience.

goal digger jpg
Photo Source: iTunes

2. My Favorite Murder

While listening to crime stories can get old, these two ladies keep it lighthearted and fun. Imagine you’re back at a sleepover with all of your friends telling ghost stories together. When I just need a break, they provide some great entertainment. My favorite ones are their live shows they record and post.

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Photo Source: iTunes

3. Pop Fashion

I just recently started listening to this one, and have really enjoyed it. As someone who loves fashion and current events, this is a great way to catch up on both! They will keep you up to date with some of your favorite retailers, and let you know which trends are really trending.

Photo Source: iTunes 

4. Up and Vanished

Make sure you download the whole season, because you’ll be left with more after each podcast! Payne Lindsey investigates an unsolved missing person case in Southern Georgia that will keep you on the edge wanting to find out what happened.

Photo Source: iTunes

5. This American Life

This 1 hour radio show is one of the most popular podcasts on the charts; it’s one of those that provides a story that makes you think. Whether this story is popular, funny, or sad, it is one that makes you learn and think differently than you may have before.

american life.jpg
Photo Source: iTunes 

Hopefully this gives you some new podcast ideas, I already have some of these episodes downloaded for our flights and travel. Stay tuned on Instagram stories and feed to see pictures from all of our adventures! Also, comment below on any podcasts recommendations!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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