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Friday Find: Kristin Ess Thickening Spray

This Friday find also counts as a beauty find, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with you all! I have spent the past 6 months going through so much dry shampoo, and not for what it should be used for. But since I have very thin hair, I found the dry shampoo was thickening it and giving the much needed volume to my flat self. However, I was going through so much in 1 week, and dry shampoo was getting all over my clothes, I needed a new product to help my hair. Cue in Kristen Ess Thickening Spray!


I have been using the shampoo and conditioner products (more to come later), so I thought I would check her brand for a volumizing one. Her website is gorgeous, and very helpful. You just look for your specific hair need, and there is a list of products to help you.


This definitely falls under your “wet styling” category, and provides an extra boost when drying and styling your hair. It only takes a few sprays after towel drying, and then comb through with your fingers and brush to spread the product out. I flip my hair over and blow dry, until my hair is half way done. Then I finish with the round brush and styling tool. Bonus: this styling product last ALL DAY!


I notice that my hair has much more volume and looks fuller, whether I am curling or straightening it. The price is very budget friendly when it comes to hair products, and who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Target?! Her products also have the “Zip Up” technology, which aids in split end prevention. I use her shampoo and conditioner (see below) each morning, and then only use this for my styling tool. Now, I can stop using up my dry shampoo for styling and use it for those mornings I do not want to wash my hair.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but I do receive a small commission for shopping through these products. 

Do you have any favorite Kristin Ess products you’ve tried?

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



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