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Bathtub Essentials

Who doesn’t love thirty minutes of self care with a luxurious bath? Guess what? It does not take a fancy bathtub to have that “spa feeling and experience”. It just takes a few items to use in your bathroom space.  Some of you have asked about a couple of bathroom accessories I’ve had on my Instagram stories, and today I am sharing  what I think are those “bathtub essentials” so you can add them to your room.


The first thing you need is a bath caddy, and one that will preferably hold all of your needs in one place. Safely too, I might add. I found this one on Amazon, but linked a similar one for you below. This is expandable, so it can fit most size tubs and does a wonderful job of staying in place. I feel safe putting my cell phone and iPad above the water when using. It even has a slot to slide in your wine glass.


I usually will add some candles on top, and lay out my face masks that I want to use. That way I can relax even longer.  I love how decorative it is when it’s not in use too, you don’t have to worry about storing it!


Phil surprised me with the “bath pillow” when we ordered the caddy, and it has been wonderful. I love being able to relax without worrying about the towel falling ( my old pillow style) and it stays secure between soaks.


I had the hardest time finding bath bombs and bubble bath that smelled relaxing and truly bubbled. So, instead of paying so much for bath bombs, I found Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath at Target and it has been perfect. It comes in a multiple scents, mostly lining up with essential oil and herbal types, and produces lots of bubbles with a little amount. Plus, its half the cost of one single bath bomb and will last longer! Lavender is my favorite scent; it helped to sooth my muscles and give me a better night’s sleep. I also added in the Lavender salts, and this works wonders if your sore after a workout! Shop below for my bathroom essentials; remember you don’t need a fancy tub, just a good space to enjoy some quiet time. These few accessories will help you relax even more!

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Do you have any favorite bath accessories?



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