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Friday Find: 2018 Travels

Happy Friday! This is a quick post today as we have had a busy week, and are very excited about the weekend! Plus today we are getting to do a quick video for our realtor, so you can imagine we’ve been cleaning and prepping.

Both of us love to travel, and after getting married, we took a little break from long weekend trips or big vacations. But now that we’re settled in the house and know our days off for the year, we have begun to plan on a few destinations. I love reading through travel blogs and reviews looking for fun things to do and try. I also love asking friends to speak to their experience, and always insist on local restaurants and activities. I thought for today’s Friday find, I would share with you our big trips we have planned so far! (Feel free to comment below on somethings to do in at each of our stops!) 

New York City

Note: picture from stockphotos

I haven’t been New York since I was teenager, and we had some travel points that needed to be used up. So we booked our hotel and flights for a trip in April, and I am beyond excited. We plan to take this city on with as much local things in the itinerary as possible (both of us on last trips did the “must see things in a lifetime stops” in the city)! Phantom of the Opera on Broadway will definitely be happening, but other than that, we have planned on exploring and eating through the city based on recommendations. Thank you so much to friends who have already given us some!

West Coast

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

Those dearest to us packed up and moved to the west coast, but they couldn’t get away from us that easily! In the fall we plan on traveling to Oregon to see my sister, and then up to Washington to see our best friends. They’ve all told us how the weather this time of year will be beautiful, and we can’t wait to explore each of their new homes! I have only been to California, so seeing the northwestern coast has been on my list for some time. I can’t wait for all the outdoor activities that will be taking place.

Asheville, North Carolina


This was a trip made every year when were dating or engaged, but since the wedding happened and all, we have moved it back to our 1 year anniversary! Asheville is where we both fell in love with one another, so it holds a lot of meaning. Plus, in October, the views will be gorgeous while we enjoy all of our favorite spots. We usually go up for two nights, visiting the breweries and shopping downtown. Hopefully, this year I can convince Phil a trip to the Grove Park Spa should happen.

Charleston, South Carolina


Every year we say we will probably do a weekend somewhere else, and somehow we still end up in Charleston (don’t worry, not complaining). I have no doubt this will happen again this year, and I can hardly wait to stop at every single oyster bar. Maybe we’ll do some better planning and wait until before or after the summer though 🙂

This is what we have planned so far, we are always up for trips with friends and family, so the itinerary could change around. But like I mentioned earlier, we love hearing about other’s experiences and I thought you all could help us with some things to do in the places we’re planning on traveling to.

Please comment below on any suggestions for things to do or eat in any of our travel destinations or on your favorite city to visit that we must add to our list! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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