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New Target Collection: Universal Thread

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would feature some of my favorite pieces you could pair together from the new Target Line, the Universal Thread. This particular line has nice clean pieces you wear for a relaxed, effortless look.

This first look is the denim dress, a great piece for spring! This particular piece does not need much when accessorizing, keep it simple and the dress will speak for itself.

I love weather where I can wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts, and this outfit would be perfect for a spring afternoon at a local brewery or festival. I love this white shirt, it has a clean look that never goes out of style.

Jumpsuits fall into the category of “can I pull this off?”, and I am here to tell you that yes you can! But remember to style them well, and wear appropriately. This time of year brings spring barbecues and parties, this would be a great to show off!

I am so excited that “flare” jeans are making a comeback. Why did I get rid of all my pairs from growing up, haha. Pair it with a cute tank top, some booties and the right jewelry and you have your date night outfit complete! Remember with the square neckline tank tops to be careful with necklaces. That’s why I like fun bracelets and earrings better.

This particular brand is getting so much good attention because it focused on making pieces to fit all body shapes and sizes, which is what we women want when it comes to shopping. You can kick off your spring wardrobe with this line, and add some timeless pieces to your closet!

Have you tried the new Universal Thread line? Any recommendations?!


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