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Food Find: Urban Cookhouse

These past few days have been full of busy schedules, and the Reath’s have some exciting news! We are closing on our first house today, and this week has been compiled of moving boxes, final walk throughs, and oh work! Stay tuned for Friday’s post where I show you our house and some of my favorite features!

Today I thought I would share a newer restaurant in town (you may even have one near you), Urban Cookhouse. They have been located on our street for a little under a year, and the perfect place to go with family or friends for a quick bite.

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Their motto “farm to fire to table” couldn’t ring more true; Urban Cookhouse features local farmers with their produce and protein. You know where your food is coming from, tasting fresh ingredients, and supporting local industry.

The atmosphere is very quaint, and I love seeing people from our community when we go. Not only do they feature local food from our farmers, but local artist are featured throughout the restaurant and you can buy many of their products.

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We vary on what we order each time. I haven’t had a bad meal there yet, and guess what, they even cater! This trip we had free meals because I had completed the Pure Barre Challenge, and a dear friend had shared a free meal with us. We ended up getting the same thing, the Pepper Patch Salad with the lime marinated steak. It was delicious!

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Don’t skimp on the “Orange Roll”, you need this, and it is amazing! They have “Meals for 4” where you can take home a protein and several sides for meal with the family, and feature tacos, wraps, sandwiches, and large plates. You can check out their full menu here! Overall, they have a delicious and fresh selection, and you get to support your local farmers while enjoying a wonderful atmosphere with friends and family!

Do you have an Urban Cookhouse in your hometown? Oh and how great is it that they have a drive through if you need a quick pick me up?!




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