Today’s Friday Find is from my grandmother’s makeup gift bag. Yeap, you heard that correctly! My grandmother usually purchases enough from Estee Lauder to receive their makeup bag, and whichever products she has leftover that she doesn’t use, she sends to her grand-daughters. This time she sent me the Estee Lauder Sculpting Lip Gloss from their Pure Envy Collection, and I have found myself using it everyday since then!


The lip gloss starts out almost sheer, but the longer you wear it, the more you start to see that deep berry color. It is a gloss, so you have that shine, but it stays on for extended periods of time and provides much needed moisture. I use this instead of chapstick, especially in the winter and it has proven beneficial!


I have also put this on top of my lipstick, and while I worry it can provide that caked on look, it hasn’t. In fact, it helps moisturize the “dryer” lipsticks I have. And it doesn’t have that sticky mess that comes with too many layers!


This is one item I always have in either my purse or work bag! And on days when I don’t wear makeup, this gloss helps you look fresh by just adding that right amount of color pop. This “Pure Envy” collection is not limited to lip gloss, they have a variety of lip sticks to choose from that provide the same long lasting color and moisturizing benefits!

Do you have any lip gloss favorites? Have you tried more of the “Pure Envy Collection”?



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