I love handwritten notes. I know with all the new technology we can send a quick text or email saying thanks or Happy Birthday, but there is something about a hand written note from someone. I still feel special receiving “snail mail” cards, whether it’s holiday cards, birthday, or thank you cards. We are currently working on our Thank You notes from our wedding, and one thing that has taken a while is making sure we leave a personal message on each note to our friends and family. While working on these, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite styles of stationary for this week’s Friday Find!


Monogram notes are always beautiful, and I love how you can personalize them. Whether you get your full monogram or just lettering, it is something you can always keep in your desk drawer. You can use this for a little “hello” note, or to write thank you for gifts. The price for the versatile cards can vary depending on the retailer, but you will be able to use these year round. To make these a little more personal, you can work with someone on your favorite design. Below is the design my MOH made for our wedding invites. monogram.jpg

Happy Birthday

One of my New Year Resolutions this year was to send more cards, especially on birthdays. I love receiving birthday cards, and have more fun giving good ones to family and friends. Target’s MINTED collection has some of my favorites, along with Anthropologie. Depending on who you are sending them to, you can find some good jokes for people to read!



Thank You

There are multiple thank you note options out there, we have found quite the range as we work on them from our wedding. You can incorporate the monogram, as mentioned above, you can make photos with a “Thank You” banner, or you can use ones that just say “Thank you”. Either way, the personal message and time to say thank you for something or someone will make their day. It is always about the note that counts.

Thank you notes .jpg

Just Because

Some of my favorite pieces of mail were the handwritten notes by my grandmothers. I still cherish those today, and love how they took time just to say hello. Sometimes the best way to brighten the day is to send a note saying I am thinking of you! I still keep the comic and card my grandmother sent below (I used to wear socks with my sandals as a kid 🙂 ).


You can never go wrong with a handwritten note to family or friends, and keeping fun notecards/stationary in house makes it easily to send one. You can find fun cards at all kinds of stores, go ahead and start collecting them! You will won’t regret having them readily available, and will find yourself sending more of them.

Do you have any favorite stationary brands you use?



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