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This week’s Friday Finds features 5 of my favorite things in our apartment living room, especially those that make it a little cozier for us each day. I’ve added some shopping links for you so that you can add some of these items (or similar ones) to your cozy space.


  1. Floor Rug: You can’t go wrong with a good floor rug. You can’t imagine how this draws everything in the room together just by adding in a small shape on your floor. There are so many out there with fun designs!

2. Wall Decor: I love artwork, and love how each piece expresses the artist and the person who displays it. Whether it’s landscapes, design, or canvas pictures, you can tie in your favorites to express your room. We found those three pieces at Target, and used the blue tones to tie in our color scheme.


3. Organize the Coffee Table: You might remember my “Cozy Guest Space” post during the holidays where I talked about placing a tray out for your guest. I have another use for it out in your living space! We found this tray at our local farmer’s market, but I posted some options from other favorite stores. If you’re local, comment below and I can let you know which booth at Soda City. The tray is a great way to keep all the small pieces together; such as the controls, coasters, etc.

4. Candles and Coasters: I combined the two because you can usually find them near one another. Pick a candle that isn’t too overwhelming, and that will burn for a while. You can find coasters at any store, but make sure their functional. We found these in a 12 pack, so they provided plenty for our space and offer a smooth surface for putting our drinks on.


5. Plants or Flowers: You never know how much this can brighten your room by having a plant or a flower arrangement displayed. This beautiful Christmas Cactus was a gift from a dear friend, and I am so proud of myself for keeping it alive! However, if you need some ideas for faux flowers or plants, see below!

Those are my favorites in our cozy den right now, we’ll see what spring brings haha. Remember to make the space yours, and enjoyable for each day! Comment below on some of your favorite living room decor.


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