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Fashion Find: New Zealand Green Sweater

Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Phil had to work, so it was a great time for me to get organized post travels in Las Vegas and give me time to catch up on fun blog posts.

Today I am so excited to feature the sweater I received for Christmas from my amazing mother-in-law. This sweater wrap comes from the “first fashion company in the wold recognized by the United Nations for sustainability”, Untouched World in New Zealand.


This company features Ecopossum, a blend of Merino wool and Brushtail possum fiber, created to have a “cashmere like” feel. The Bushtail Possums, unlike the ones we have in North America, are an ecological threat to New Zealand, and do not have natural predators. Untouched World helps in the control of these “pests’ by utilizing the fiber and reducing the need for poisons and toxins to reduce the number of Brushtail Possums. You can read more about it here.


I love the deep green color, and paired with a light cami, it is the perfect piece to wear out to dinner with friends or on date night. The sweater is very warm, and I loved wearing it with my faux leather leggings during these harsh winter months.


Guess who has also been seen wearing a sweater from this brand?! Former President Obama! Phil got one very similar to his, and he likes to think he is as stylish as Barrack šŸ™‚

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You can find a variety of pieces made in their soft wool, and not just winter pieces. They have just released their new spring and summer collection, and they look beautiful. Not only are you getting a beautiful and timeless fashion piece when you purchase from them, but you are giving back to the environment. Something needed now more than ever.

Do you know other fashion companies that fight for sustainability?!



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