Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, we’re back traveling between airports and ready to be home 😊 Vegas has been fun, but we are ready to be back into a normal routine. With it being January and cold weather on us, a lot of you have asked about moisturizers! So today I’m talking about my personal three favorites that help to keep my skin hydrated year around.


1. Skyn antidote Cooling Lotion: I was just recently introduced to this brand, and using it each morning keeps my skin hydrated all day. It has a cooling sensation when applied on your skin with each application. Made in Iceland, you know this was made for harsher weather conditions. This brand is specially made for “stressed skin” so with sensitive skin types, it works well! The description from the company says it’s suppose to “decongest and detoxify” your skin, so it gives a fresh and healthy look afterwards.


2. Glowbiotics MD Calm After the Storm: This recovery treatment is an all-in-one miracle worker! This serum acts as a moisturizer helping to heal dry skin and offer a “soothing effect” on weathered skin. It also has collagen and peptides that help to tighten and firm skin. I love to put this on right before my makeup, it helps my skin stay hydrated all day.

picture 1.jpg

3. GlowBiotics MD Gentle Probiotic Calming Lotion: I use this one in the evenings as my night cream. It perfectly moisturizes, and I get the benefits of probiotics before bed. This product was designed for sensitive dry skin, and it doesn’t increase oil production. It helps with collagen building and strengthen the “natural skin barrier”. It calms and soothes my skin each night.


Moisturizing is one step you do not want to skimp on, we all need a good Lotion. These have been essential in my daily regimen, and are not too oily for my combination skin. It’s very rare I see dry skin anymore because of these, and my face is grateful for some of the extra benefits.

Do you have a favorite skin moisturizer? Any tips or suggestions you’ve found work best?



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