Happy Monday! This past weekend was spent with best friends and family as we checked out the new bowling boutique, tasted new brews at the local brewery, and spent time catching up. It was a blast had by all!

Today I am so excited to show off one of my favorite Christmas presents, my Allbirds wool runners! If you are looking for something that feels like you are walking on a cloud, these are the shoes to get.

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Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

Made from New Zealand’s extremely fine marino wool, these are the best shoes to wear for day-to-day activities! I wear them around town for almost every errand, and will be wearing them for upcoming travels.

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Being made from such soft material, they can be worn with or without socks, and throw them in the wash when they need to be cleaned. They are lightweight and breathable to keep your feet cool in the summer,  but also keep your feet warm in the winter.

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They come in full sizes, and it is recommended you size up if you are a half size. (I have size 8, when I am usually a size 7 1/2). You have 30 days from purchase to try them out anywhere and if you’re not in love, can return them. But you are going to love them so much, they won’t need returning! Found in classic colors, and in limited edition styles (mine are in Kotare Birch), all go to benefit the marino wool industry in New Zealand (read about it here). These beautifully crafted shoes are comfortable for all day wear, and will definitely become a new staple when traveling! You don’t want to wear these for your run, but they are great to wear to and from yoga, and/or barre classes. As a stylish and comfortable tennis shoes, you won’t regret this purchase!



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