Never go to sleep with your makeup on, right? We’ve been taught this ever since we were playing in our mother’s makeup bags. And it’s advice I really wish I had listened to more in my younger 20’s. However, as I started to do better, I didn’t realize that all of my makeup isn’t coming off with just my cleanser. I’ve learned that my facial cleanser alone wasn’t able to get all of it off, and would work better if it wasn’t trying to remove makeup and “cleanse”. I started using makeup wipes to take off my makeup, but then I discovered “cleansing balm” and the “two step cleansing” method. This new method helps to clear out your pores, but also provide hydration, which is essential during the winter. Some people have been worried that this could increase the oil production on their skin; I have combination skin and some of these have worked. Remember to request a sample at your local Spehora or Ulta before purchasing if you can. Also, remember your skin changes when you introduce something new, so make sure it’s not adjusting to that either.  Here are three that I have recently tried, with Ole Henriksen currently being my favorite and the one I use each day.

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1. Clinique “Take the Day Away” Cleansing Balm : This balm is  advertised as being able to take off the most stubborn of makeup. And they weren’t wrong! The instant you start to use it, it will turn into an oil and easily comes off with warm water. It is non-greasy, but I felt like it was too oily for my skin. This may be better for those with drier skin, but I will say this was very good at getting off all the eye makeup! Note: I only had a sample of this product because I didn’t purchase the normal size, which is 3.8 oz and last a while.

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2. Pixie “Nourishing Cleansing Balm”: Pixie was my first introduction to the cleansing balm, and it was a great one. I love the moisturizing benefits that this ones comes with. It is a mix of Shea butter, vitamin E, and almond oil. You do use a wash cloth with warm water to remove, which felt harsher on my face. However, you may find this is not the case for you! This one did not feel as oily as the Clinique brand, so if you have oiler skin this may be the one for you!

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3. Ole Henriksen “Uncover the Truth 3-in-1 Melting Cleanser”: I think is my new favorite and part of my everyday regimen in the evenings. This cleanser starts as a gel, and with warm water, turns into a softer cleanser. The melting cleanser really defines “double cleansing”. The products are similar to the Pixie brand, but it has vitamin C for some added benefits, such as illuminating complexions. I also feel this one takes less product to get the makeup off my face, and I can see the nourishing effects quicker than my other products.


Since starting the “two step” cleanse, I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin. I am finally getting all of the makeup off, and my cleanser is working better with the blank canvas. I notice my moisturizer working better before putting my makeup on in the morning. I only use this product in my night routine, or if I am taking off makeup to reapply, but some use it in their morning skin care too. Remember to request your samples, and these are not the only brands carrying cleansing balms. Just the ones I have tried recently!

Do you have a favorite cleansing balm brand? Did you see improvements after use?

Note this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



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