This Friday Find is a little bit different this week. We got our wedding photos back, and we couldn’t be more excited about them! We wanted to share with you guys some of our favorite ones throughout such a wonderful day! We had over 600 pictures from that day, so this just a preview of what our day was like from beginning to end.

Huge shoutout to Lorien Owens Photography for our beautiful pictures! This woman was a rockstar, and not only made our day so special, but she also captured these moments for us to last forever. 


Getting ready was so much fun! Phil had gotten us the bridal suite at the venue, and we spent the day getting our makeup and hair done, all while laughing and having a great time together!

Reath Wedding 10.17-27.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-32.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-59.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-130.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-48.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-136.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-138.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-159.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-157.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-181.jpg

It really does take a village, and when you have the best people surrounding you on this day, it makes it that much more special!

Reath Wedding 10.17-238.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-253.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-254.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-259.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-272.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-285.jpg

The ceremony was at our home church, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, and it was beautiful. The church holds a lot of meaning to us, and it has become to mean more since having our day there.

Reath Wedding 10.17-306.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-320.jpg

Family made this day happen, and we couldn’t be more grateful for ours!

Reath Wedding 10.17-348.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-346.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-334.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-364.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-378.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-386.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-394.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-391.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-387.jpg

Of course, when you have the world’s best photographer, taking pictures with your bridal party is a grand time!

Our venue was perfect for an exciting, party atmosphere post ceremony! The women in my family were the best decorators, and it was magic watching them put this together.

Reath Wedding 10.17-466.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-471.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-603.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-489.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-513.jpg

The first dance, and dances with my dad and godfather were the perfect kick off to the ceremony! I didn’t throw my bouquet to the single ladies (I know some people wanted to hear Beyonce), instead I had all the married couples come out and dance. Whoever had been married the longest, received the bouquet. I could not have been more excited to present this to my best friends parents, I absolutely adore the Lomas’s!

Reath Wedding 10.17-552.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-555.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-563.jpg


The best wedding crasher, the Tiger, was made possible by my amazing sis, and family that helped her with the surprise for 6 months! 

Reath Wedding 10.17-522

Reath Wedding 10.17-547

Reath Wedding 10.17-591.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-546.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-595.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-633.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-629.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-620.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-576.jpg

The reception was one giant party with our closest friends and family! I don’t know how I was still standing after all of the fun dancing that night!

Reath Wedding 10.17-639.jpg

Reath Wedding 10.17-650.jpg

Thank you to each and every person that made our day the best start to the rest of our lives. We are so humbled and touched by the love of everyone around us, and we thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts. 


The Reaths

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