Happy Friday! We made it through another week of work, and this weekend kicks of the holiday parties during the Christmas season. Tis the time of work dinners, neighborhood parties, gift exchanges, and family celebrations. With this comes the application and removal of our make up, sometimes multiple times during the day. With our busy schedules throughout the month, skin care is crucial. Not only does the makeup we wear start to take a toll, but the winter climate and stress can too. I hope to do some more in-depth reviews of these products later one, but here are some tid bits to get you through.

Clinique / Pixie / Ole Henriksen 
  1. Cleansing Balm

I was very skeptical of “double cleansing” when I first heard about it this summer, but as I was ” wedding prepping” with face routines this became an essential step. I rub this all over my face and it “melts” the makeup right off. Once your makeup is removed, your cleanser is able to penetrate better on your face. I tend to have combination oily-dry skin, and it does not increase the oil production on my face like some are concerned that it will. Warm water helps to take off “your day” and your left with a fresh face for your everyday cleanser. Some use this in the morning as a cleanser, but I only have it my night routine.

Glowbiotics MD 

2. Moisturizer

With all of the cleansing and harsh winter climates, our skin can become dry, maybe worse than normal. Moisturizing is crucial in any skin care step, but during the winter, we need to pay closer attention to “quenching that thirst”. This is my personal favorite, and it helps to calm down redness on my face along with the probiotic therapies.

Pixie Lip Balm 

3. Lip Balm

My lips become easily chapped, and it seems this time of year can worsen the chance this happens. I rarely am without lip balm, whether in my pocket or purse. The added bonus of some of them now is the “tint of color”. Pixie makes their tinted lip balm that is moisturizing and the color stays on for an extended period of time. It makes it easier to carry all in one than having to carry a lip color and lip balm separately.

Charcoal Mask (Buy from Glenda Furtick) 

4.  Charcoal Masking

I absolutely love masks! If you have watched any of my Instagram stories, then you know I mask multiple times a week. This is another way to rid all of the dirt and impurities that build up over time. Especially with all we have going on during the holiday season, this is a chance to spend some time to yourself. I always recommend some soothing music and closing your eyes for ten minutes when you do one. Currently, I am testing some other masks I hope to feature, but this has been the one I use the most and consistently. I apply after cleansing my face, and use 2 to 3 times a week depending on what I have going on.

Old Whaling Co

5. Body Butter

This has become my favorite part of my morning routine. We tend to focus on our face, but our whole body can become dried out from the winter climate. This particular body butter is made here in South Carolina (Charleston to be exact), and has the best smell. It’s not too overwhelming, and almost has a calming effect as you start your day. They have other options for scents to choose from as well, along with soap and bath “bombs”.

Here are just a few winter skin collection essentials I always have available, and with the party season among us, your face will thank you for all the extra TLC. Remember, everyone’s skin is different. Always ask if you can sample something before you buy, just so you don’t spend too much money on something you may not use. I really wish I had known that you can ask for the sample at the store before trying earlier in my skin care trials.

We’re enjoying date night, farmer’s markets, and the ACC Championship this weekend, what will you be doing? Are you starting your frenzy of holiday parties?!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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