This is the time of year when those we love most come by for holiday visits, and making sure the guest bedroom is set up can sometimes seem daunting. We live in a two bedroom apartment, where opening one closet here or there can be the Monica closet scene from Friends. So, we don’t keep very many decorations around. But one of my favorite rooms to add in accents is our guest bedroom. I love adding small things throughout the room that my guests enjoy and that may be unique to them. With the Christmas season right around the corner, here are a few suggestions to make your guests feel right at home.

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Candle/ Tray (similar to one pictured) / Coasters

Flowers and candles are some of my favorite things to lay out for my guests. I love going to the local grocery store or farmers market, and getting fresh flowers. This really brightens the room. Your flowers can provide a fresh scent, but I also enjoy having mild smelling candles available as well. I’ll usually light it several hours before they arrive just so the room has a fragrant smell. This time of year is perfect for more outdoor scents, such as a Christmas tree or camp fire style. Here are just a few of my favorite candles and where you can find them:

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Tree Stands 

I just recently found these at my favorite Target store, and I am heading back to get more for our guest bedroom. They are a very inexpensive, cute accessory that you can put on the dresser or side table for some holiday cheer. (And honestly, I may leave out all winter)

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South Carolina rarely gets cold enough for multiple layers on the bed needed to stay warm. But we do have some cold snaps here and there. Plus something about a blanket basket screams cozy for your guest. Display one in the room or in your living room that is inviting for when they want to bundle up.

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Need something to do with all of those shampoos and conditioners you get from your travels? Save them in your guest bathroom and set them up when they come to town. I’ve actually started asking for extras when we stay just so I can have enough here at home. Pair with your fluffiest towels, and leave in the room for the guests so they don’t have to go hunting for shower necessities. Ladies, I also take advantage of buy one get one free deals on dry shampoo, hair spray, and lotion so that I have those readily available.

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It does not take much to enhance the cozy atmosphere for your guests. Just by adding some small things here or there lets them know you are thinking of them, and trying to make them feel at home. Small things such as their favorite magazine, or a group picture will also liven the room.  We always feel special when we visit Phil’s parents, and they have taken some time to put out our favorite pictures. If you see a fun item this holiday season, snatch it up for display. Just remember to not go overboard, and add small things here and there.

Here’s to a cozy blanket, and a Christmas tree smelling candle!




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